Polarimeter OAB-N, Cuvettes and Lamp

Brand: Kern

Polarimeter OAB-N, Cuvettes and Lamp

Brand: Kern
Polarimeter OAB-N - The ideal helper for getting started with the analysis of your optically active solutions in the laboratory.
  • The KERN OAB 10LN is a manual polarimeter which is characterised by its ergonomic design and easy handling
  • The powerful 589 nm sodium vapour lamp is the optimum light source to produce a linear, polarised beam of light
  • The 1° scale division including Nonius (0.05°) enables precise definition of the angle of rotation of the substance to be observed
  • To hold liquid samples, two glass cuvettes (100 mm/200 mm) are included with the delivery
  • Included with delivery: Sodium vapour lamp, 100 mm glass cuvette, 200 mm glass cuvette, Replacement lenses and sealing rings for cuvettes



Light Source - Wave Length

  • Sodium Vapour Lamp (589 nm)

Stabilisation Time

  • 10 mins after Switching On

Overall Dimensions W×D×H

  • 500 mm x 130 mm x 330 mm

Measuring Range

  • 180°


  • Optical Rotation



  • 0.05°

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  • Scales: Optical Rotation
  • Measuring Range: 180°
  • Division: 1°
  • Vernier: 0.05°
  • Wave Length: 589 nm
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Glass Cuvette for Manual Polarimeter OAB show more
  • Length: 200 mm (Spare part)
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Glass Cuvette for OAB-L show more
  • Length: 100 mm (Spare part)
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Sodium Vapour Lamp for OAB-N show more
  • Wave Length: 589 mm (Spare part)
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  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Drinks Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Laboratories
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