About Us

For over 40 years, Bonner has been working with clients, across a range of industries, providing them with the highest levels of service and quality for all their calibration, instrumentation and automation requirements.

We have earned our name as one of Ireland’s leading instrumentation specialists.

Our instrumentation services include:
- Calibration & Maintenance
- Instrumentation Analysis
- Procurement & Supply
- Commissioning
- Temperature Mapping & Environment Monitoring

At Bonner we take great pride in and value highly our long term supplier partnerships, we represent many of the leading instrumentation brands from around the globe.

Our Automation Solutions service includes the design, build and commissioning of industrial automation systems that incorporate the latest in technological innovation.

BONNER specialises in the delivery of bespoke, plant-wide systems that help customers get more out of their data in the most effective way. Whether tackling Energy Monitoring, Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance or Remote Asset Monitoring, the team designs solutions that best meet the needs of each individual plant. And, as the systems can be integrated with new or legacy equipment, Bonner can create a solution to work for any process – traditional or cutting-edge.

BONNER helps customers to unlock the value within their process data, enabling them to make smarter decisions for their business.