SEM320/55 / SEM320X/55 Temperature Transmitter

Brand: Status Instruments

The SEM320 is a HART (generic device) field temperature transmitter that is HART 5,6,7 compatible, universal temperature transmitter with display.

It accepts RTD, Thermocouple, Potentiometer or millivolt input signals and converts them to the industry standard (4 to 20) mA transmission signal.

Alternatively, HART multidrop mode can be selected.

Housed in its own bespoke connection head, it is programmed using a communication lead (USB Config) together with our free configuration USBSpeedlink software.

Standard HART features can also be programmed using HART communication.

The HART field temperature transmitter has a rotational five-digit display for the process value and a 5-digit display for messaging, in addition to a bar graph for % of mA output.

It is used together with our temperature probes.

We can manufacture these to your specification.
  • Hart 5,6,7 Compatible
  • Process Value, Text And Bar-Graph Displays
  • Dual Inputs With Maths Functions
  • (4 to 20) ma or Hart Multidrop Output

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