SOC-8 Serial Transmitter

Brand: SIMEX sp. z o.o.

SOC-8 Serial Transmitter

Brand: SIMEX sp. z o.o.
The SOC-8 binary outputs module is used to control the low-power output devices via the RS-485 connection.

It finds application in distributed control and visualization systems.

t can directly control, for example, contactors, relays, light bulbs and other DC loads with the 24V control - supply voltage and the 0.5A current - maximum.

Galvanic separation of all outputs ensures safe operation of the master system, without the risk of damage caused by dangerous overvoltage.
  • Binary Outputs Module
  • Open Collector Type Outputs
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • LEDs for Module Operation and Modbus Transmission Signalling


Output Type

  • Binary

Power Supply

  • 10…30 Vdc

Communication Interface

  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU

Transmission Parameters

  • 1200...115200 bit/s
  • 8N1

Operating Temperature

  • 0...+50° C
  • -20…+50° C

Protection Class

  • IP 20

Case Material

  • ABS


  • DIN Rail

Case Dimensions

  • 101 x 22.5 x 80 mm


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