SWS-N118 BCD/RS-485 Meter

Brand: SIMEX sp. z o.o.

SWS-N118 BCD/RS-485 Meter

Brand: SIMEX sp. z o.o.
The SWS-N118 is a simple digital panel serial indicator intended for displaying any numerical values and characters defined by user - in SLAVE mode only, sent from the master device over the RS-485 serial interface link.

The displayed value may be collected from other device - in MASTER mode.

The display brightness can be adjusted in 8 steps. Thanks to the tight housing with high - IP 67 protection degree, this device is particularly suitable for operations in harsh environments.

The 24V DC / 100 mA output is designed to supply measuring transducers, and the RS-485 port enables data transmission in production process monitoring systems.

The meter may be configured with no need to open the case, by using the remote controller or with free S-Config software via the RS-485 communication port.
  • Indicator in Wall-mounted IP 67 Case
  • Display: 4 or 6 Digits LED
  • Serial Input
  • Power Supply Output: 24V DC
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • Display Brightness Adjustable in 8 Steps
  • Free Configuration Software S-Config


Input Type

  • No Input

Output Type

  • No Output

Power Supply

  • 16...35 Vac, 19...50 Vdc
  • 85..260 Vac/dc
  • 11,4...15 Vac/dc


  • LED, 4 x 20 mm, red
  • LED, 6 x 13 mm, red

Communication Interface

  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU

Transmission Parameters

  • 1200...115200 bit/s
  • 8N1 / 8N2

Operating Temperature

  • 0...+50° C
  • -20…+50° C

Protection Class

  • IP 67

Case Material

  • ABS
  • Polycarbonate


  • Wall

Case Dimensions

  • 110 x 80 x 67 mm
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