Pipe Clamp Surface Probe

Part Number: 0602 4592 Brand: Testo

Pipe Clamp Surface Probe

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Pipe clamp probe for measuring pipes with a diameter of 0.2” to 2.5''. Probe is capable of short term measurements of up to 536°F.

Use the thermocouple (TC) temperature probe with clamp to carry out surface temperature measurements on pipes with a pipe diameter of 0.2” to 2.5”.

The clamp enables the surface probe to be attached to the pipe quickly and easily. You can use the probe to measure temperatures up to 266°F, with the capability of short term measurements up to 536°F.

The temperature probe with clamp stands out thanks to its exceptionally quick response time of 5 seconds.

The spring thermocouple strip makes this possible. It adopts the actual temperature of the measurement object in just a few seconds and can also be used on surfaces that are not level.

The surface probe features a 4 foot cable. This Type K, Class 2 thermocouple probe has a standardized accuracy of ±4.5°F.
  • Enables quick, easy attachment of the probe to pipes with a diameter of 0.2” to 2.5”
  • TC Type K temperature probe with 4 foot cable
  • Measuring range: -76°F to 266°F, briefly up to 536°F



Delivery Scope

  • 1 x TC Type K Temperature Probe with Clamping Bracket 0602 4592, for the Testo Saveris 2-T3 Wi-Fi Data Logger


  • 3 oz. / 82 g


  • Length: 6 in. / Length: 165 mm


  • 0.197 in., 2.559 in. / 5 mm, 65 mm

Maximum Temperature

  • 536° F / 280° C

Diameter Probe Shaft Tip

  • 0.236 in. / 6 mm

Cable Length

  • 3.937 ft. / 1.2 m

Fixed Cable

  • Yes

Product Colour

  • Green


  • Plug Thermocouple

Temperature - Type K TC

  • Measuring Range: -76.0° F to 266° F / -60° C to +130° C
  • Accuracy: Class 2 ¹⁾
  • ¹⁾According to standard EN 60584-1, the accuracy of Class 2 to -40° to +1200° C
  • Reaction Time: 5 sec
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