SEM1022 Loop Booster

Brand: Status Instruments

SEM1022 Loop Booster

Brand: Status Instruments
The SEM1022 4 to20mA loop isolator is designed for use when power is available at both sides of the isolation barrier and has two independent channels in the same housing.

This isolator requires no user-adjustment during commissioning, apart from an initial test to ensure it operates correctly over its full working range.

Minor adjustments can be made to the calibration of the device by means of the front-panel accessible calibration potentiometers.

Incorrect connection in the loop will not damage the device as long as the specified maximum currents/voltages are not exceeded.
  • Provides Extra Drive Capability From An Existing Current Loop
  • Dual Channel
  • Only Requires 2.7 V From the Existing Loop
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • High Accuracy


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