OZC-5 Coaxial Microscope

Brand: Kern

OZC-5 Coaxial Microscope

Part Number: OZC 583 Brand: Kern

Stereo Zoom Microscope (Coaxial) Trinocular

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The coaxial with parallel optics for excellent contrast and depth of field.
  • The KERN OZC-5 has been developed specially to meet requirements for high contrast and depth of field. These devices are absolutely essential for the LCD/LED electronics industry
  • The coaxial 2W LED incident illumination which is integrated into the objective guarantees selective depth of focus, so that even low-lying sections can be recorded (e.g. the bottom of a drilled hole)
  • The parallel optical system is a high-quality optical system and provides excellent images with the best contrast, colour and depth of field with fatigue-free working.
  • Refocusing is also only necessary in very few cases when magnifying the zoom
  • The large, adjustable magnification range from 18 to 65 times gives you continuous zoom when you are working
  • As standard, the models of the KERN OZC-5series are trinocular and are therefore equipped for connecting a camera for documentation purposes and for quality reports
  • The arm curved stand ensures precise adjustment and focusing of your sample. The stand base is particularly heavy and therefore offers a high level of stability and an extremely secure footing
  • A large selection of eyepieces and a mechanical stage extension are available as accessories
  • A protective dust cover, eye cups, as well as multi-lingual user instructions are included in the scope of the delivery
  • A C-mount adapter is required to connect a camera. You can select this adapter from the following model outfit list



Optical System

  • Parellel

Objective Zoom

  • 1.8x - 6.5x

Eyepiece & Field Width

  • HSWF 10x Ø 23.0 mm
  • Ø 12.8 mm - 3.5 mm


  • 2 W LED (Coaxial) (Incident Light)


  • Trinocular


  • Mechanical

  • Scope of Application
    • LCD/LED Electronics, Semiconductor Technology
  • Applications/Samples
    • Samples with Focus on Spatial Dimensions (Depth, Thickness), Zoom for Variable Magnification, e.g. LCD/LED Electronics, Circuit Boards, ICs
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