SGT-12 Isolator

Brand: SIMEX sp. z o.o.

SGT-12 Isolator

Brand: SIMEX sp. z o.o.
Isolators / multipliers type SGT-12 are dedicated for providing galvanic isolation between controlled system: ex. transmitter, encoder and main unit: regulator, indicator, data logger.

Standard input signal: 0÷5 mA, 0÷20 mA, 4÷20 mA, 0÷5V, 0÷10V, 1÷5V, after galvanic isolation can be converted into 4-20 mA output signal in two isolated current loops.

Current output signal can also be processed into voltage signal with standard load resistance.

The using of isolators/multipliers allows to reduce the impact of interference and ground potential difference.

It also helps to match standard input signals to passive two-wire 4-20 mA outputs.

User is allowed to correct zero point and measuring range, using two potentiometers: ”Zero” and „Range”, mounted on the front panel of housing.
  • Two-wire Circuits Isolator / Multiplier
  • Free Input Standard
  • Full Galvanic Isolation
  • 1 or 2 Separated Output Tracks
  • 12.5 mm Case
  • TS-35 DIN Rail Mounting
  • Power Supply from Output Circuit


Number of Inputs

  • 1-2

Input Type

  • Free Standard

Number of Outputs

  • 1-2

Output Type

  • 4...20 mA

Galvanic Isolation

  • 2kV, 50 Hz
  • Between Input and Output Circuit

Load Resistance

  • Maximum 750 Ω
  • Rload=(Uz-10 V)/20 mA

Power Supply

  • 9...36 Vdc

Protection Class

  • IP 20

Operating Temperature

  • -20...+60° C


  • DIN Rail

Case Dimensions

  • 12.5 x 99 x 114.5 mm


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