SNA-L70 Multifunction Three-phase Meter

Brand: SIMEX sp. z o.o.

SNA-L70 Multifunction Three-phase Meter

Brand: SIMEX sp. z o.o.
SNA-L70 is an innovative instrument for measurement of the electrical parameters.

It is particularly suitable for consumption analysis and control, with an excellent quality/price ratio.

For the version with Rogowski coils - RGW model, connections are very quick and easy, very useful for retrofitting applications on existing switchboards or for energy audit.

SNA-L70 is the ideal instrument to establish the measurement points on the plant.

The instrument can communicate through the RS-485 serial port by MODBUS RTU/ASCII protocol.
  • 4 DIN Modules Compact Version
  • Fully Bi-directional Four Quadrants Measurements for All Energies and Powers
  • Main Electrical Parameters Measured and Displayed for a Cost-effective Consumption Analysis
  • Version for 1 or 5A CT, for Direct Connection Up to 6A or 80A or for Rogowski Coils
  • 3 Current Measurement Scales for Rogowski Model
  • Possibility to Connect by PT
  • MODBUS RTU/ASCII Communication by RS-485 Port


Input Type

  • Current: A
  • Voltage: V
  • Digital

Input Range

  • 3 x 180/310...3 x 285/495 Vac
  • 3 x 10/17...3 x 285/495 Vac
  • 1/5A CT
  • 80A
  • 500A
  • 4000A
  • 20000A
  • 80… 276 Vac/dc, Digital

Output Type

  • Digital
  • Self-powered Model: 250 Vac/dc / 100 mA
  • Auxiliary Power Supply Model: 27 Vdc / 27 mA


  • Backlighted LCD
  • 3 Rows
  • 4 Digits + Symbols

Communication Interface

  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • RS-485 / ASCII

Protection Class

  • IP 20
  • IP 51: Front

Operating Temperature

  • -25...+55° C

Case Dimensions

  • 72 x 90 x 65 mm


  • DIN Rail

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