SLC-94 Timer

Brand: SIMEX sp. z o.o.

SLC-94 Timer

Brand: SIMEX sp. z o.o.
SLC-94 is designed for precision time - period - measurements, e.g. duration of time interval and measurements of machine's operating time.

Signals from push-buttons or contactors of control devices are connected to the terminals placed on back side of the counter.

Properly programmed counter allows to measure time period between {START} and {STOP} signals.

Other configuration allows to measure the activity time of {START} signal.

In addition the measure can be started, stopped and cleared using local keyboard - on front of the device or via RS-485 interface.

Apart from basic function of time counting, totalizer is also available.

Both counters are triggered and stopped simultaneously.

Time counting is realized in range 0 ms to 999 99.9 hours.

Build in two relay outputs allow use of this counter for control in many time depend processes.

The counter can be configured with the local keyboard or free S-Config software via the RS-485 communication port.
  • Timer and Totalizer
  • START/STOP Pulse Inputs
  • 2 Reset Sources: Manual or Electronic
  • 0 or 2 REL / OC Outputs
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • Wide Range of Precision and Presentation Formats
  • ACCESS Option - Easy Threshold Modification
  • Free Configuration Software S-Config


Number of Inputs

  • 2

Input Type

  • Pulse

Input Levels

  • Low: 0...1V, High: 10...30 V

Input Frequency

  • More than 10 kHz

Output Type

  • Relay I=1A, U=30 Vdc/250 Vac (cosø=1)
  • Open Collector: I=30 mA, U=30 Vdc, P=100 mW

Measurement Method

  • Electrical
  • Pulse

Power Supply

  • 16...35 Vac, 19...50 Vdc
  • 85..260 Vac/dc
  • 11,4...15 Vac/dc


  • LED
  • 6 x 13 mm
  • Red

Communication Interface

  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU

Transmission Parameters

  • 1200...115200 bit/s
  • 8N1 / 8N2

Operating Temperature

  • 0...+50° C

Protection Class

  • IP 20: Case and Connection Clips
  • IP 65: Front
  • Optional Integrated Frame for Panel Cut-out Sealing

Case Material



  • Panel

Case Dimensions

  • 96 x 48 x 100 mm


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