WBGT Kit for Universal IAQ Measuring Instrument Testo 400

Brand: Testo

Reliably and precisely evaluate heat load at workplaces: In combination with the universal IAQ measuring instrument Testo 400, the kit allows you to determine the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT).

The kit is ideal for use in the steel and construction industries, at sports events and at workplaces with high heat irradiation.

Heat load at workplaces: In order to be able evaluate the length of time a person can remain at a health-hazardous workplace, the WBGT index (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) is recommended.

With the WBGT kit, you are best equipped for the evaluation of heat-affected workplaces based on ISO 7243 and DIN 33403-3.

The kit is ideal for determining the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature – because it can be used to precisely measure all relevant climate parameters such as humidity temperature, ambient/air temperature and radiant heat.
  • For determining Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT)
  • Reliable assessment of workplaces exposed to heat according to ISO 7243 and DIN 33403-3
  • For measurements in buildings and outdoor areas (observe protection class IP 40)
  • In the kit: Globe thermometer (TC Type K), ambient temperature probe and humidity temperature probe (both Pt100), tripod, case



Scope of Delivery

  • Globe thermometer (TC Type K) with fixed cable
  • Ambient temperature probe (PT100) with fixed cable
  • Humidity temperature probe (Pt100) with fixed cable
  • Tripod
  • Case

Temperature - Pt100

  • Measuring Range: 10°C to +60°C (Ambient Temperature Probe) | 5°C to +40°C (Humidity/Temperature Probe)
  • Accuracy: ±(0.3°C + 0.3 % of mv) (10°C to +60°C) (Ambient Temperature Probe) | ±(0.3°C + 0.3 % of mv) (5°C to +40°C) (Humidity/Temperature Probe)
  • Resolution: 0.01°C (Ambient Temperature Probe) | 0.01°C (Humidity/Temperature Probe)

Temperature - TC Type K (NiCr-Ni)

  • Measuring Range: 0°C to +120°C
  • Accuracy: Class 1 ¹⁾
  • ¹⁾According to standard EN 60584-2, the accuracy of Class 1 refers to -40 to +1000 °C (Type K), Class 2 to -40 to +1200 °C (Type K), Class 3 to -200 to +40 °C (Type K)
  • Resolution: 0.01°C


  • 9700 g


  • 575 x 340 x 270 (LxWxH) (including Case)

Cable Length

  • 3 m
  • *Cable length per probe

Product Colour

  • Silver


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