PDA8068 USB Serial Adapter for PD6830 & PD6730

Brand: Precision Digital Corporation

The PDA8068 USB serial adapter is used to connect the PD6830, PD6830X, and PD6730 directly to a computer via USB.

This module connects the internal electronics module directly to a computer, and only allows for programming of the units.

No live monitoring is possible with this module.

This is ideal for quickly connecting to MeterView EX or ScanView EX for programming.

USB and meter to adapter cables are included.



  • USB

Meter Usage

  • PD6830
  • PD6830X
  • PD6730
  • PD6730X


  • Programming only. No live device monitoring


  • USB and meter Connection cable, USB and meter to Adapter cables are included


  • Adapter to meter/scanner: 6̎ (0.15 m) max, Adapter to computer: 6' (1.83 m) Maximum Intended for bench-top Programming.


  • 1 Year
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