PDA1500 High Voltage to Logic Level Converter

Brand: Precision Digital Corporation

The PDA1500 High VAC/VDC to Logic Level Converter is an easy to use DIN rail mounted device for converting high voltage signals into logic level signals for use as a digital input to a wide range of process control and display equipment.

The PDA1500 accepts up to four high voltage AC or DC signals.

The PDA1500-115's inputs accept 85-130 VAC or VDC, and the PDA1500-230's inputs accept 185-265 VAC or VDC.

Powered from 12-24 VDC, the PDA1500 can drive outputs even when no high voltage inputs are present.

The outputs are user selectable for high or low states when voltage is present at the inputs.

Cascade mode is ideal for monitoring signals that can result in cascading or subsequent failures.

This mode monitors the point of failure when a failure in a single input causes a failure in all alarm points in a "series" system.

The PDA1500 is mounted in an ABS plastic DIN rail mounted enclosure for easy mounting inside a panel or instrument enclosure.
  • Combine with the Vigilante II Annunciator to Monitor High Voltages
  • Four High Voltage Inputs Up to 265 VAC or VDC
  • Four Digital 5 VDC Outputs
  • Easy DIN Rail Mounting
  • Simple Two-Button Setup
  • Cascade Mode for Series Break Configurations
  • Multi-Unit Cascade Mode


Approvals & Certifications

  • CE
  • CSA
  • FM
  • IEC Ex
  • UL

Enclosure, Body Material

  • ABS Plastic

Configuration Method

  • Two latching pushbuttons for selection of output State inversion and cascade mode selection. No other Programming Required.


  • One Green Power LED. Four Red LED indicators to monitor live Inputs on channels 1-4. Two Yellow LED indicators for inverted output and/or cascade output mode.

Input Channels

  • Four independent, isolated Input channels CH1 to CH4

Input Voltage Threshold

  • Input high Voltage levels are different for AC and DC Voltages. Instantaneous value is used to determine threshold for AC Input - rms Equivalents are shown below.

PDA1500-115Input High Threshold Range

  • 60 Vac rms (85 Vac peak) or 85 Vdc

Input Low Threshold Range

  • 31 Vac rms (44 Vac peak) or 44 Vdc

PDA1500-230Input High Threshold Range

  • 131 Vac rms (185 Vac peak) or 185 Vdc

Input Current

  • 1.2 mA (Typical) at "turn-On" or High Input Voltage

Propagation Delays

  • Input Propagation Delay to Logic Low: 4 µs (Typ), 15 µs (Max), Input Propagation Delay to Logic High: 8 µs (Typ), 40 µs (Max).

Input Impedance

  • PDA1500-115: > 60k Ω total impedance per channel, PDA1500-230: > 140k Ω total impedance per channel.

Input Overload

  • Must not exceed 50 mA DC (35 mA rms) on Input channels. Maximum Input Power dissipation is 230 mW. Surge Protection included for up to 140 mA. Transient Protection included for up to 500 mA.

Digital Outputs

  • Four TTL Logic (5 V) independent digital outputs.

Output Logic Levels

  • Output Low: 0 to 0.33 V
  • Output High: 4.4 to 5.0 V

Cascade Mode

  • Typically used in Boiler applications to monitor for and detect Fault conditions.


  • 12-24 Vdc + 10 %, 1.5 W Maximum Polarity Sensitive. Short-Circuit Protected. Isolated.

Maximum Power Dissipation

  • PDA1500-115: 3 W (Total dissipation of unit) PDA1500-230: 4 W (Total dissipation of unit)


  • 630 VRMS between Input channels, 3750 VRMS Input-to-Power line, 3750 VRMS Input-to-output, 1000 VRMS output-to-Power line


  • Maximum overvoltage (Transient) Allowable is 6000 V peak for 60 seconds


  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 65° C

Storage Temperature Range

  • 0° to 65° C

Relative Humidity

  • 0 to 90 % Non-Condensing


  • Fixed Screw terminal blocks accept 12 to 30 AWG solid or stranded wire.


  • DIN Rail-mountable ABS plastic Enclosure. Color: Black

DIN Rail Specification

  • 35 mm "top hat" DIN Rail Required

Tightening Torque

  • Screw terminal Connectors: 4.3 Lb-in (0.56 Nm)

Overall Dimensions

  • Inch (mm) 3.00” × 3.63” × 2.38” (76.3 mm × 92.3 mm × 60.5 mm)(W × H × D)


  • 12 oz. (340.2 g)


  • 1 Year
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