Defender™ 5000 Washdown Stainless Steel Pallet Platforms

Brand: Ohaus Corporation

The OHAUS next generation Defender 5000 Series Pallet Platform is a solid lineup of painted steel and stainless steel platforms.

Its high-quality German engineered construction, with stainless steel IP68 hermetically sealed load cells ensure durability and reliability that will withstand years of daily usage in industrial environments.


Platform Size

  • 1,256 mm x 840 mm

Protection Rating

  • IP67

Legal for Trade

  • EC Type Approvable

Platform Construction

  • Painted Steel


  • 1,256 mm x 780 mm x 840 mm (LxHxW)

Net Weight

  • 48.78 kg

Working Environment

  • -10° C - 40° C, 85 %RH, non-condensing
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