Testo 416 - Small Vane Anemometer

Brand: Testo

The Testo 416 small vane anemometer (air flow meter) accurately and easily measures air velocity and volume flow (CFM) for in-duct and a variety of HVAC applications above 120 fpm.

As vane technology is inherently air density independent, the Testo 416 handheld digital vane anemometer provides repeatable and reliable readings test after test.

The Testo 416 is an easy to use small vane anemometer with an attached vane probe on a telescoping handle to measure CFM in air ducts.

This handheld digital vane anemometer allows you to switch between volume flow and velocity readings quickly.
  • Timed average eases and quickens the task of duct register traverses
  • Hold button to freeze readings
  • Optional TopSafe case provides superior protection from dirt, moisture, and impact
  • Auto-off function saves battery life
  • Handheld digital vane anemometer with telescoping handle to measure CFM in air ducts
  • Small (0.63 inch) vane for in-duct measurement
  • Direct display of volume flow (CFM)
  • Multi-point and timed average calculations make fast and simple work of duct traverses
  • Bright backlit display provides easy viewing in any environment



Delivery Scope

  • Testo 416 Vane Anemometer with permanently Connected 16 mm Telescopic Vane (max. length 890 mm), Calibration Certificate, and Batteries

Velocity - Vane Anemometer

  • Measuring Range: 0.4 to 20 m/s
  • Accuracy: ±(0.2 m/s + 2 % of mv)
  • Resolution: 0.1 m/s


  • 11 oz. / 325 g


  • 7 x 3 x 2 in. / 182 x 64 x 40 mm

Operating Temperature

  • -4° to 122 °F / -20 to +50 °C


  • ABS

Battery Type

  • 9 V Block Battery, 6F22

Battery Life

  • 80 h

Storage Temperature

  • -40°F to 158°F / -40°C to +70 °C
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