KGP Industrial Platform with Digital Weighing Transmitter

Brand: Kern

Robust industrial platform scale with digital scale transmitter, ideal for varied range of applications for Industry 4.0.
  • With this combination of platform (KERN KFP V20 IP65) and A/D converter box (KERN YKV-01) your weighing processes are ready for the requirements of Industry 4.0. Simply install the platform, connect the A/D converter box to the network and start weighing
  • For rapid transfer of weighing data to connected networks, computers, etc.
  • USB- and RS-232 Data interface standard
  • Transfer formats are freely configurable
  • Many interface variants available:
    • WLAN interface, KERN YKV-01
    • Bluetooth data interface, KERN YKV-01
    • Other interfaces on request
    • A/D converter box with Ethernet data interface as standard on request
  • Functions: Weighing, Tare off
  • Internal Resolution 16 million divisions
  • Measuring frequency 10 Hz
  • Easy configuration using the software supplied
  • KERN YKV-01: Robust plastic die-cast housing
  • KERN YKV-01: Suitable for wall mounting and DIN track mount
  • Included in the scope of supply:
    • Industrial Platform KFP
    • A/D converter box KERN YKV-01
    • Software Balance Connection for adjusting and managing the KERN YKV-01, for large-format display of the values collected on the PC as well as transfer of this data to other apps and programs



Weighing Capacity (Max)

  • 6 - 300 kg

Readability (d)

  • 0.2 - 10 g

Weighing Plate

  • 230 mm × 230 mm
  • 300 mm × 240 mm
  • 400 mm × 300 mm
  • 500 mm × 400 mm
  • 650 mm × 500 mm
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